Competitive Intelligence Group at Ning

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It was with a lot of excitement that I saw Ning being used for a new Competitive Intelligence Group. It looks like the site was set up after SCIP 2008, but there are certainly some great conversations going on there. If you’re a CI professional, it would be well worth the couple of minutes to look and see what type of content and people is available there to connect with.

Click on the link to visit the Group.


3 thoughts on “Competitive Intelligence Group at Ning

  1. Thanks for the link and for joining the Ning site.

    We actually set it up in an attempt to promote and cover the SCIP meeting in San Diego though it never quite did that… nonetheless, we’ve had nice momentum in the absence of any formal attachment to a particular organization, public (e.g. SCIP, SLA, etc.) or private (a consultant or research firm), and associated fees for membership, etc.

    We’re hoping to connect a wiki for best practices sharing as well in weeks and months to come, so would be eager to have you participate Dan.

    Best wishes,

    Arik Johnson

  2. Thanks Arik, the site is definietly a much needed community for CI professionals.

    I’m really excited about the wiki and look forward to taking part in what the community has to offer over the coming months.

    Thanks for stopping by the site!

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