Podcasts – free access to some awesome minds

So having drunk a little too much of the corporate cool-aid, I caved-in and bought myself a new MP3 player, the Zune 8, when I was in Redmond last. I’ve been listening to podcasts for a while now and I’ve got to say, they really are the best source of rich business information. My commute is about 40 minutes so having a couple of these ready to go breaks the regular monotony of the MRT here in Singapore.

Here’s a few of the podcasts and vodcasts that I  listen to. Would love to know if I’m missing any fantastic ones.  August Jackson has a great podcast on CI which is definitely worth a listen to, sounds like he’s been busy too!


Podcast Website Subscribe Link
Knowledge@ Wharton  Link Subscribe to podcast
Stanford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Link Subscribe to podcast
Gartner Voice Link Subscribe to podcast
IBM Institute for Business Value Link Subscribe to podcast
iinovate Link Subscribe to podcast
Manager Tools Link Subscribe to podcast
TED Link Subscribe to vodcast



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