Peak Email

My one-time partner in crime and fellow Oracle Collaboration Suite lover, Matthew Moore, has summarized 20 or so years of communications development in the IT industry and posted it for all to share.

I’m biased, but Matt’s bang on the money with this one. Email definitely needs to know it’s place in the whole communications scheme of things. It’s just one medium, one conduit for receiving and managing information. Email is elegant with some things and not for others.

One thing I would love Matt to add to this view is the both the device and application side that all of this gets delivered in. I’d personally love to try Twitter as a medium, but I don’t want to have to hop around to five different sites and have a bunch of separate data streams adding to my information glut.



Will someone come up with an uber communications suite that allows me to “send as” but compose and store in a single view. I’m off to a Gartner event today and I’d love to take the morning’s Twittering and save it as an email and then send to my stakeholder – seamlessly – compose and post to Twitter (for those looking at the feed live) and then take that feed and shoot it in an email at the end of the day. Ohh and while I was at it, post to this blog at the same time (send as check box – Blog, Twitter, Email).

Now that would rock my world.


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