So what cave have I been hiding in for the past five months?

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So I’ve been a little quiet over the past few months.

Why?   Well my new role at Microsoft has been kicking me around a lot, challenging a lot of the pre-conceived notions I’ve had about bringing market research and competitive intelligence to an IT audience. 

Some of those pre-conceived  notions include how people consume research, helping to provide research and intelligence, rather than creating it myself (working with research vendors and data providers) and selling (and reselling) the value of the research that’s been bought to a fairly wide audience, both from a product and regional perspective.

I do have 101 ideas for this blog, so the remit still remains. How to leverage Competitive Intelligence for maximum impact, especially if you’re doing it on a very limited budget.

Some of the posts coming up include:

  • The Sponsorship Triangle
  • Knowing your business planning process
  • The first 90 days at Microsoft and how I’ve used some of my own tools

I’m really looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. To my current readers, thank you for sticking with me during this absence. To new readers, welcome to the blog!


2 thoughts on “So what cave have I been hiding in for the past five months?

  1. hey, nice to see a CI face at ms! not sure if we’ve ever met through scip, but we oughta catch up some time…feel free to drop me a line. my email’s in the post details…

  2. Thanks Dave, we haven’t met through SCIP (not much SCIP action in Asia) but I’m enjoying your blog. I’ll be in touch.

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