The 1,000 mark and news

Things have been quiet on the blog, but not in the McHugh household!

Firstly, this humble little blog has just gone over the 1,000 page view mark. I wanted to say a big thank you for taking time out of your day to read and comment on some of the posts here.

Secondly, I’m preparing to change companies and roles somewhat.  I have accepted a role at Microsoft here in Singapore, working within their Market Intelligence group.  This is certainly going to be a challenging role and one that I’m looking forward to.

The nature of this blog will remain the same as what I set out in my very first post. How CI is being used, or misused in Technology companies as well as advice for lone-wolf CI practitioners.


2 thoughts on “The 1,000 mark and news

  1. Landed on this blog through Google. Lots of interesting posts here! But, why have you stopped? Love to read more insights from a seasoned CI professional.

  2. Dinesh thanks for your kind words and encouragement. Truth be told I am very keen to get writing again. The last 4 months at Microsoft have been a real learning experience for me, but hope to begin posting in earnest later this month!

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