Starbucks Sunday

One of the things I’ve manage to keep hidden on this blog (so far) is the fact that I am a bit of a gadget freak. So when the opportunity to combine my love of gadgets with my blossoming enjoyment of blogging presented itself, I jumped!

So every Sunday, this blog will be coming to you from my local Starbucks (yes there is one of every street corner here too), being written on my Nokia n800. I’m going to use these posts to cover some of the other things I’m passionate about. Living and working in Asia, mobile devices and anything else that’s topical.

Living in Singapore certainly has it’s benefits for mobile blogging. This post is being brought to you by the Singapore Government and SingTel’s Wireless@SG network. An island wide WiFi network that’s accessible from Starbucks, other coffee shops and shopping malls (and there are a LOT of those). Did I mention it’s free? 

Sitting here banging away on the n800, I’m surrounded by school and university students on laptops doing group work, a couple of teachers catching up on marking papers and one or two travelers catching up on their email and facebook. Pretty amazing stuff when compared to the cramped experiences I had at university, where 4-5 of us would huddle around a single desktop PC in a lab room trying to get some research done. 


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