Technobabble 2.0 ranks the Analyst blogs

Jonny Bentwood over at his blog, Technobabble 2.0 has done some remarkable work analyising the various blogs written by IT analyst firms, or by individuals working for those firms.

This list of blogs represents some of the best minds in the industry when it comes to predicting various segments of the IT market and as such, represents a gold mine of information that is freely available to anyone.

These blogs engaging in what Jonny and several others at ARmageddon have termed “Open Source Analysis“. That old chestnut that giving a little more value the potential and current customers through free insight is going to generate more long-term revenue through consulting or enquiry. This post is right on the money when it states that the real value an Analyst client can get is reaching and discussing the 80% of data that doesn’t get written down. 

The debate rages within the Analyst community and Analyst Relations practitioners as to the value/customer influence of this research and how to influence the analysts. However, this shouldn’t stop CI for taking full advantage of getting some more colour to back up those trends you are seeing, or the voice of why a particular competitor is getting so much media coverage.

Disappointed there aren’t any Asia Pacific analysts on this list yet. The standout takeaway here though is that the two industry heavyweights, Gartner and IDC are not represented in kind on the list.


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